Strange Hands - Last Time Around

Strange Hands
Dead Frozen Deer, 7" e.p.

1. Living Dead
2. Revenge of the Beggars
3. Last Time Around
4. Ghost

A Fistful of Records is proud to present the debut 7 inch by Bordeaux, France youngsters Strange Hands. Their brand of maverick lunacy produces a real fresh breath of garage-fumes, as a sharp contrast to the heaps of rubbish and cheap music out there. A touch of psyche here, a little freak-out there.... hmmm oui oui, cette garcons certainly know how to rocque!

Lucas, Melvyn & Victor created the garage sound of Strange Hands back in 2008. Interested in psychedelic experiences & 60s music in general, they decided to keep the band as caveman-esque as possible. So no bass, so yes twelve string guitare, guitare, drums, organ. And always from the depths of the soul of Mr Reverb himself. Yes, this could well be the sound of this summer, the kind of stuff that'll blow you straight out of your Birkenstocks!

AFOR 017, 2010
360 pressed
Artwork by Joan van der Werf