Sex Beet - She Don't Surf

Sex Beet
She Don't Surf, 7" e.p.

1. Scarecrow
2. She Don't Surf
3. Desperate Man

Sex Beet hail from Leicester, England; their Fistful-debut 45 is called "She Don't Surf" and, believe it or not, it was recorded by two masked men in an asbestos filled warehouse in Birmingham. The single/EP comes after only ten months of existence for Sex Beet, originally formed just for "something to do". Since agreeing to unleash their take of garage-surf-punk onto the unsuspecting public, the band have since shared stages with a bunch of their influences and friends- including Black Lips, The Hipshakes, King Khan & The Shrines and Demon's Claws- all over England, France and bloody Belgium. Everything is kept nice and simple- one guitar, one organ, one drum kit - and three drunk young men shouting about girls with nice hair. What's not to like? Several more releases, gigs with thee mighty Vicars and more European tours are on the way, so watch out!

"It sounds like Jan & Dean circa 1962 being cremated on stage."

"Sex Beet are a group of London lads, and they nail all of the currently approved indie touch points (lo-fi, garagey, AND beach-centric), but whereas most of this year's crop would shape that into a California coast psych haze or some kind of chilled-out bro-lounge, these kids run it through an organ-ground Crampsian filter and come out with a great manic Psycho Beach Party vibe."

"... It's the anti-surf anthem to pull the curtains tightly closed on your summer."

AFOR 016, 2009
366 pressed
Artwork by Joan van der Werf