the Hussy - One Word

the Hussy
Winter Daze, 7" e.p.

Herbie side
1. One Word
2. Herbie
3. Drinking Song
Cheli side
4. Head Set
5. Winter Daze
6. Turkey

The Hussy is Madison, Whizzconsin two-piece Heather and Bobby, who used to play in a loud band called Cats Not Dogs. As The Hussy they now have a brand-new record out, called the Winter Daze e.p. On this 45 our two heroes are spitting out six poppy punk / punky pop nuggets, thus cramming three songs into each side, all 1-2 minute songs about dogs, cars and girlfriends that cannot read. They manage to create a tasty and catchy audio cocktail of beer, piss, lemonade and vinegar rock 'n' roll......Oh yes, on the Winter Daze e.p., male and female vocals alternate, and sometimes combine, to great effect. In this respect it even reminds one senior Fistful staff member of Exene Cervenka and John Doe's glory days, if that makes any sense (anyone out there remembers X's great album Under The Big Black Sun?) . "The Hussy collides Bobby's garage-rock riffage, Heather's considerable drum-pumeling skills, and playfully obnoxious vocals from both." declared the Milwaukee Onion, and man, if they say things like that then you can be sure you're not wasting your money.

AFOR 015, 2009
520 pressed
Artwork by Joan van der Werf