Polar Strong - Young Virgin

Polar Strong
Young Virgin, 7" e.p.

1. Young Virgin
2. Suzee Lee
3. Platform Blues (The Bassholes)
4. Psyché (Strawberry fields and times)

Ooh la la, ici some punque psychedelique... it's all on the debut 45 "Young Virgin e.p." by Bordeaux, France rockers Polar Strong.

Polar Strong is part of a healthy and strong new French rock scene, which has already brought us such upstarts as Volt, Magnetix, Cheveu, Fatals, Feeling of Love, Crusadors of Love, Dave, Complications, and so on. The 4-song e.p. contains three self-penned crunchers plus "Platform Blues" the first Bassholes cover ever! (that is, according to Don Howland himself). Recorded and mixed and whatever by Lo' Spider at his infamous Boogaloo Studio's. Hey, and guess what, it's on white vinyl!

AFOR 014, 2008
500 pressed