Forbidden Tigers - Glimpse of a Ghost

The Forbidden Tigers
Glimpse of a Ghost, 7" e.p.

1. Glimpse Of A Ghost
2. Nebraska Plains
3. Crap Nebula
4. Civilized Man

This month's surprise surprise record comes from Grand Island, Nebraska youngsters the Forbidden Tigers. Their "Glimpse of a Ghost" e.p. on Fistful is the new thing maaaaan. While just barely of drinking age, these dudes somehow sound like they-ve-seen-it-all. Yep, typical American stuff...If the howling of the coyote is the music of the desert and plains, then ehm...Anyway, they remind us of heroes like Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Greg Sage and John know, when those guys were still reelin' & rockin' in their old know, with that youthful sense of urgency still intact...If smoking causes cancer, then this record smokes!

AFOR 013, 2008
540 pressed