Kamikaze Trio - My demons

Kamikaze Trio
Death Party, 7" e.p.

1. Death Party (The Gun Club)
2. My Demons
3. Am I Losing My Mind?

Kamikaze Trio is Andy M., Sam A. + bass-monster Snoop Mitchell. On Side A they give Jeffrey Lee Pierce's "Death Party" the full five minute Aussie treatment, wonderful stuff, but then again watch out for Side B, sweetheart! "My Demons" is an incredible explosion of energy, seldom heard anymore in these days, and "Am I Losing my Mind" is just... just..... hey, why don't you just buy this fucker????! The release of the "Death Party e.p." coincided with the Kamikaze Trio tour of occupied Europe

AFOR 009, 2007
500 pressed