Hipshakes - Stick around

Stick Around, 7" e.p.

1. Brain Numb
2. Mr. Wack
3. Stick Around
4. See Me Coming

These South Yorkshire young hopes spit out some short and shambling punkrock stompers, all packed with an excess of nervous energy. Daniel (gtr, vox) Andrew (bss, vox) and Bruce (drms, shouts) are barely in control. A lo-fi attack a la Rip Offs in a very budget style. Crap attack punk without fake anger. Yep, easily the coolest thing on vinyl to come out of Sheffield since "Being Boiled / Circus of Death" by The Human League way back in '78. The Hipshakes are playing a lot in the US nowadays; it seems they kinda like them over there...

AFOR 008, 2006
500 pressed
Sold out