Black Time - Sleepwalking

Black Time
I Hate The World And The World Hates Me, 7" e.p.

1. I Hate The World And The World Hates Me
2. Sleepwalking
3. Chinese Mechanics

Black Time hails from London, some skinny, black-clad boys and girl with bad attitudes and a desire to make intrusive, obnoxious rock'n'roll music. Immediately heralded by hipsters in the know as the latest, greatest rock'n'roll band that matters, their debut album quickly soldout, becoming fodder for collector scum the world over. This is the heavy vampire sound. The sound of the undead stumbling through the twilight, feeding off broken, youthful dreams, unable to stop their endless march or neutered howling. Black Time stands between us and the things which soothe but do not heal -- the magnet-pull of American rock'n'roll records, cheap tobacco, tea, beer, movies and radio -- the things George warned us about.
"I Hate The World And The World Hates Me" is Black Time's 3rd single. Perfect anti-britpop terror stuff. Hey, and isn't that girl on the cover that chick from the notorious 70's inner city terrorist group Baader Meinhoff Gruppe?? Hm, I guess so....bikini girls with machine guns, we like that!

AFOR 004, 2005
750 pressed
Sold out