Jeffrey Novak - I don't wanna live alone

Jeffrey Novak
One Man Band, 7" e.p.

1. Down
2. Don't Wanna Live Alone
3. Get Out
4. Rockin' Horse

From Henderson, Tennessee comes new kid on the block Jeffrey Novak. This here is his debut rekkid, recorded LIVE at 3rd street audio terror studios in his hometown. In fact this one's the first in a series of four 45's that were released on various labels that year. Reportedly then 19-year-old Jeffrey gets so hyperactive and excited with playing live that he ends up puking all over the stage!
Anyway, after doing a couple of private CD-r's plus a full length debut album on P Trash Records from Germany, Jeffrey decided he needed a band. He left the one man band-format behind him, and has since been active in the Memphis scene with a couple of bands, sometimes accompanied by his sister April. Those bands include the Creteens, the Rat Traps and Cheap Time.

AFOR 002, 2004
400 pressed
Sold out