Posted November 28 2011

AFOR 018

It's been a while but Fistful faithfully returns to the ever-changing music-bizznizz with something new and exiting: a brand new 4-song e.p. on 45 rpm pristine black vinyl!!
This time we go back to the One Man Band-format, not for any special reason but, as we say in the Netherlands: 'because we can!'

It's our privilege to announce the first ever vinyl-release of JEHOSAPHAT BLOW, (and Yes!, that is a great name).
JEHOSAPHAT does originate from the good ol' US of A but nowadays you would call him a 'world citizen', he's just as easy at home in California or NY as he is in Europe or Asia. And if you've got a old 4-track you can record everywhere, and you don't even need a darn computer.
And that just what he did.

JEHOSAPHAT has been playing for years in different bands (who will remain nameless) in different states and countries, but due to extensive travelling he decided to take full control himself and be his own goddamn band.
4 songs from those solo-recordings now turn up on this e.p.
Starting of with no.1: smash hit and instant floor-filler "OH YA OH YA", one of those songs you immediately can sing along too, one of the true signs of a Hit.
Soulful & catchy, that's for sure.
Kant A finishes of with "Goin' Downtown", a greasy R&B-shaker with handclaps and the whole bunch.
Kant B starts right of where kant A stopped, with Jehosaphat's view on an ever-expanding world population; "Oh! Those Masses!" and what the hell we're supposed to do with it. Again presented in a über-catchy sing-a-long-song.
Hey, world-problems can be fun too!
(It's probably about something completely different, but you can make that one up for yourself; text-file included.)
Last song is a short but impressive love song "BaaabbbyBaaabbby", to prove that Jehosaphat is a sensitive guy too, but this whole 7inch is the proof of that for sure.

What more can we say: Goddamn & Jumping Jesus, Blow that horn Jehosaphat!!!!

Jehosaphat Blow's Electric Light One Man Band 'OH YA OH YA'


Posted October 22 2010

UK cassette label Suplex have their first compilation tape out, called "SUMMER BUMMER", with some of their favourite UK bands playing their favourite surf covers or writing surf originals! So think Trashmen, Beach Boys, Dickie Dale and so on. Not only does the cassette contain contributions by Lovvers, Fair Ohs, Sauna Youth, French Kissing, The Special Kays and The Binmen, NO!!!, it also contains Fistful darlings Sex Beet with I Get Around (by the Beach Boys of course, you idiot!). Sex Beet completely destroys this classic, just check that video here, seeing is believing!
The tape is out in a very limited edition, check here


Posted September 19 2010

To watch Strange Hands" video, click here:

Strange Hands - Living-Dead (directed by Dispersion)


Posted June 4 2010

Strange Hands
Dead Frozen Deer, 7" e.p.

Strange Hands

1. Living Dead
2. Revenge of the Beggars
3. Last Time Around
4. Ghost

A Fistful of Records is proud to present the debut 7 inch by Bordeaux, France youngsters Strange Hands. Their brand of maverick lunacy produces a real fresh breath of garage-fumes, as a sharp contrast to the heaps of rubbish and cheap music out there. A touch of psyche here, a little freak-out there.... hmmm oui oui, cette garcons certainly know how to rocque!

Lucas, Melvyn & Victor created the garage sound of Strange Hands back in 2008. Interested in psychedelic experiences & 60s music in general, they decided to keep the band as caveman-esque as possible. So no bass, so yes twelve string guitare, guitare, drums, organ. And always from the depths of the soul of Mr Reverb himself. Yes, this could well be the sound of this summer, the kind of stuff that'll blow you straight out of your Birkenstocks!

AFOR 017, 2010
360 pressed
Artwork by Joan van der Werf

Strange Hands sleeve
Strange Hands - Last Time Around


Posted June 4 2010

Stukah magazine number 7
The revolt issue

Stukah 7



The full album by Grolman Production House
€ 3,50 (Plus postage)
Order by mail


Posted May 9 2010

Coming out soon on A Fistful of Records is a great 4-track ep by Bordeaux, France youngsters the Strange Hands. We expect it to come out in about a month or so, so keep an eye out for it! More info to follow soon.


Posted April 25 2010

Can you believe it, for the third time this year an exposition of Fistful-sleeves in Utrecht, NL, this time in Hotel Strowis in theBoothstraat 8. That's great news for Joan of course -the gal deserves recognition of this kind- AND also for the bands on display. But at the same it's also a bit frustrating for us fistful-guys, I mean those lazy and posh arty farty suckers who so highly praise our sleeves should just shut up and also buy the music! Because that'll always be the bloody essence of the whole thing. After all we're not in this business to win art prizes goddammit. Amen!



Posted April 4 2010

London surf-monsters Sex Beet have just put out a free digital single, it's on their blog here, so check it out or surf or die! They're also sorting out plans for the summer, like playing shows in New York, and plans for September, like touring Denmark, Sweden, France, Italy and the good Lord knows, maybe the Netherlands too! In the meantime they just keep on playing their homeland, you know in places like London, Birmingham and Nottingham, doing sold out gigs with bands like The Strange Boys and Smith Westerns. And have we told you already they got another 45 out? It's a split with frenchies The Last Rapes of Mr Teach, PLUS they got two more records in the can, coming up soon. If you're still hungry for even more Sex Beet news, just check out this article in Neu Magazine

knollen (tubers)


Posted March 9 2010

'The Sound of Music'

een muziek-expositie van Niels de Hoog met een optreden van 'DEZE'

"(in Dutch only, sorry all you Fistful-freaks out there!)"
Op zaterdagmiddag 3 april wordt de expositie 'The Sound of Music' van beeldend kunstenaar/ illustrator Niels de Hoog in dB's geopend, met een optreden van Deze (Hallo Venray).

Niels is gespecialiseerd in bijzonder drukwerk en verwierf laatst lokale bekendheid toen zijn Hazenbord-spel door de Gemeente Utrecht werd aangekocht als relatiegeschenk.
Daarnaast maakt Niels illustraties voor tijdschriften, beelden, grafiek, schilderijen, wijndozen en helpt hij de jongens van Utrechts platenlabel A Fistful of Records met het zeefdrukken van hun exclusieve platenhoezen.
Eind vorig jaar startte hij samen met Joan van der Werf 'Utrechts Fabrikaat'. Zij werken in opdracht van bedrijven of instellingen waarvoor zij een speciaal ontwerp op maat ontwikkelen.

Tijdens de opening is de winkel geopend met bijzonder drukwerk: Wijndozen, Domtoren-sleutelhangers, het Utrechts Hazenbord, Katjes-Vriendschapskaarten, Spiegelansichtkaarten en de single collectie van A Fistful of Records.

dB's | zaterdag 3 april | aanvang 15.00 uur | entree gratis


Posted November 19 2009

Stukah Magazine is finally online! All five issues! And soon to come: stukah number six!
You will see street grafitti style, frustration trash art, social comment and regular right in your face violent comics,
So sit back relax and surf to:


Posted November 11 2009

From the Guardian from last week (7-11-09):
Burning Bush As I Went Out One Morning
A fantastically wily, noisy reworking of the Dylan song from these exquisitely grizzled punks from Asheville (recently renamed A Burning Bus), North Carolina. A tense, thrilling tangle of overlapping riffs and clanging fuzz, it's hard to stop putting the needle back to the start.
Tom Hughes.
You see, even our releases from a couple of years ago keep hitting the right note!

And from our snotty friends at Vice-land:


Ever since I went to Russia I've been super keen on beets. They put it in their awesome traditional borscht soup and in their weirdly heavy but supremely tasty mayonnaise and smoked fish salads. It's also good for the heart. So when I started seeing bands named after the prince of root vegetables, I was strangely hyped (yeah, I know it's lame). This was until my naive illusions were shattered as I came to realize New York band the Beets and London/Leicester-based Sex Beet names were probably just cheap puns on the Beatles and that Gun Club song, respectively.
Anyway, as the Beets is the lamer of the two puns, I will talk about Sex Beet. They are loud, twangy, snotty and quite brilliant-like Coachwhips given a surf rock makeover by Lux Interior. The French already love them, having invited them to tour there twice. Now the UK should stop being bastards and do the same.
Watch and listen and decide for yourself.
The "She Don't Surf" EP is out now on A Fistful of Records and further releases on Holy Twist and Coldrice are forthcoming.
To watch and listen and decide for yourself, click here.


Posted November 10 2009

Two new albums,
just released,
not on Fistful

- Big Deal What's He Done Lately - LP

Brand new album by Lincoln, NE's favorite garage sons, and their third for Alive records. This time the gang went to Costa Mesa, CA, to record "Big Deal. What's He Done Lately?" (the title references a quote from Johnny Ramone about Phil Spector) at The Distillery under the guidance of engineer/producer Mike McHugh (known to produce some of the most heinous, blown-out sounds this side of the galaxy, including Black Lips, Jon Spencer and Andre Williams). The result is considerably more fuzzed than their previous work with Detroit producer Jim Diamond but still pummels. The main characteristic of this album is its heat. Analog from start to finish. Recorded to tape. Mixed to tape. And from tape the wax was cut. This record sounds hot!


(OUT ON Slovenly Records, fantastic!!! new album in final mixing / design stages...)
Thursday 12 November - Cortina Bob, Berlin
Friday 13 November - Gleis 22, Munster (with   Digger and the Pussycats)
Saturday 14 November- Goldene Krone, Darmstadt   (with Thee Vicars)


Posted November 8 2009

Available now: FISTFUL STICKERS !!!!

Just send us an e-mail with your address and god knows, maybe we'll just send you one!!


Posted November 8 2009


Infamous Aussie Garage Rock'n'Rollers duo DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS are back in Europe with their new album in their bags! It's called DIY, official release date 13. Nov. 09, it's out on P Trash Records. .
01. Nov. 2009 20:00 Le Chaland Qui Passe - Binic   - FRA Binic
03. Nov. 2009 20:00 Le Galion - Lorient - FRA   Lorient
04. Nov. 2009 20:00 1929 - Rennes - FRA Rennes
05. Nov. 2009 20:00 BPM - Nantes - FRA w/ We Are   Wonderful Nantes
06. Nov. 2009 20:00 Cafe Pompier - Bordeaux -   FRA w/ Jack Of Heart record release party   Bordeaux
07. Nov. 2009 20:00 Nasty Fest - Toulouse - FRA   w/ Fatals / Magnetix / Jack Of Heart Toulouse
08. Nov. 2009 20:00 Le Gambetta - Paris - FRA   Paris
09. Nov. 2009 20:00 Cafe Blau - Mannheim - GER   Mannheim
10. Nov. 2009 20:00 Zoro - Leipzig - GER Leipzig
11. Nov. 2009 20:00 White Trash - Berlin - GER   Berlin
12. Nov. 2009 20:00 Sauna Klub - Wolfsburg - GER   Wolfsburg
13. Nov. 2009 16:00 Green Hell Record shop -   Munster - GER Munster
13. Nov. 2009 20:00 Gleis 22 - Munster - GER   Munster
14. Nov. 2009 20:00 VERA - Groningen - NL   Groningen
15. Nov. 2009 20:00 Bacchus - Geel - BE Geel
16. Nov. 2009 20:00 JuZ Jam Center - Meppen -   Germany Meppen
17. Nov. 2009 20:00 The Pits - Kortrijk - BE   Kortrijk
18. Nov. 2009 20:00 Carlo Levi - Liege - BEL   Liege
19. Nov. 2009 20:00 Patronaat - Haarlem - NL   Haarlem
20. Nov. 2009 20:00 Pacific Park - Amsterdam -   NL Amsterdam
21. Nov. 2009 20:00 dB's - Utrecht - NL   (farewell party !!!!!!) NL, Utrecht


Posted October 28 2009


She Don't Surf, 7" e.p.

1. Scarecrow
2. She Don't Surf
3. Desperate Man

Sex Beet hail from Leicester, England; their Fistful-debut 45 is called "She Don't Surf" and, believe it or not, it was recorded by two masked men in an asbestos filled warehouse in Birmingham. The single/EP comes after only ten months of existence for Sex Beet, originally formed just for "something to do". Since agreeing to unleash their take of garage-surf-punk onto the unsuspecting public, the band have since shared stages with a bunch of their influences and friends- including Black Lips, The Hipshakes, King Khan & The Shrines and Demon's Claws- all over England, France and bloody Belgium. Everything is kept nice and simple- one guitar, one organ, one drum kit - and three drunk young men shouting about girls with nice hair. What's not to like? Several more releases, gigs with thee mighty Vicars and more European tours are on the way, so watch out!

"It sounds like Jan & Dean circa 1962 being cremated on stage."

"Sex Beet are a group of London lads, and they nail all of the currently approved indie touch points (lo-fi, garagey, AND beach-centric), but whereas most of this year's crop would shape that into a California coast psych haze or some kind of chilled-out bro-lounge, these kids run it through an organ-ground Crampsian filter and come out with a great manic Psycho Beach Party vibe."

"... It's the anti-surf anthem to pull the curtains tightly closed on your summer."

AFOR 016, 2009
366 pressed
Artwork by Joan van der Werf


Posted October 18 2009

Available now: FISTFUL BUTTONS !!!!

Just send us an e-mail with your address and god knows, maybe we'll just send you one!!


Posted October 17 2009


Posted October 15 2009

Since their infamous 7" release for AFOR (and another split 7" on Science of Sound records with a band called Sleeping In the Aviary) The Hussy have garnered some pretty nice reviews, especially in their homeland. Here's a few, just for your reading pleasure:

The Next Big Thing / Lindsay Hutton:

Bobby and Heather Hussy have concocted 6 short, sharp bursts of primo punk rock action on this perfectly formed format. Not an ounce of flab and maximum use of floorspace available, gotta be impressed with that. I guarantee that "Drinking Song" will hit the spot, as will the other 5.

Terminal Boredom / Rich Kroneiss:

Madison, WI two-piece guy-girl bang-it-out style stuff. To get the cliched reviewer description right out of the way, let's say this sounds like a dirtier and more rockin' Touch-Me-Nots or something. They manage to keep things lively by actually writing some good songs and not falling into the blues-influenced pit most outfits of this make-up descend into. It's legit rock'n'roll all the way through, with a nice garage/Fifties streak and a couple packets of sugar-pop, a lot of well-done harmonizing and switching up the vocals (and I think I heard some cha-cha-cha-ing in there somewhere...real cute), pretty clean guitar sounds, solid drumming (for a chick! Zing!) and a well recorded/mastered single (this thing is pretty damn loud!). They add a guest bass player for the last cut and really tear the place up. Not bad for a genre/style that (unjustifiably, I know) doesn't seem that exciting anymore. Very likeable, I'm thinking odds are good they're the best band in Madison and I bet they're real sweet kids judging from the letter they sent along.


I've always been a fan of two-piece bands, starting years and years ago with a German duo called ABSTURZENDE BRIEFTAUBEN. This one is no exception to the rule. They are catchy and upbeat, which i always like. They're also raw and very lo-fi, which I also happen to like. The fact that they have the male/female competing vocals just seals the deal, I am not kidding you. From Madison, Wisconsin, this is the shit.

From Kamikaze Tailspin:

"Winter Daze" is one of those records that enters your ears as a way to possess your body, only to then nest inside your brain for a few days before it compels you to replay the record & have the process start all over again. The Hussy knows this & (as a result) is the reason why this is so fucking good... If you live in Madison, Wisconsin don't hesitate to see them play. The rest of you (myself included) will have to wait until they tour your area. Until then, this 7incher & the split will have to do. What's that? Your body is urging you to drive to Madison, Wisconsin? I'm sure.


Posted August 24 2009

New Fistful 7inch coming up, SEX BEET (UK)
More info coming soon.
For now: watch this home-made video-clip and have a glimpse of this upcoming masterpiece.


Posted August 22 2009

New exhibition of cool scribblings by El Zombie's Ivar Grolevitch in db's, starting on september 5th


Posted July 19 2009

If you're down and out & all lost in medieval Utrecht, and if you're in urgent need of some spiritual refreshments, then head straight for the Belgie Cafe on the Oude Gracht. Not only do they have a nice n girly clientele here and an incredible amount of obscure Belgian beers available (real monks' beer from old abbeys and stuff), but it's also the place where FISTFUL JOAN currently has her own cool exhibition of blow-outs of most Fistful sleeves. Actually it's about the same stuff on display as in DB's a few months ago, but now them inner city people also finally woke up to it and took interest, so that's why. BTW, this bar is also the favourite place for bands on the road to kill time, you know after they've done their shows or soundchecks in the nearby Tivoli club. Among them the place is better known as the Belgy Bar, and you should know that Mudhoney's Matt once met his lady (now wife) here. Interesting or what?


Posted July 9 2009

Gories outside Melkweg, Amsterdam May 13, 1992

Yesterday we went to Groningen all in style in Arjen's old Mercedes Benz to see The Gories and The Obliviams. The first half hour of the Oblivians was awesome, their very brutal wall of sound just came across just great. Man, are they a superb band or what. One cool song after another, with some Reigning Sound material interspersed as well. But then somehow their show lost momentum, they just went on for another hour, and people started to loose interest. Why? Was it fatigue? Or aren't the guys getting on as well as they used to be and did that sip through into the music? Anyways, our beloved Db's promotor Jeroen is never short of razor-sharp analyses, and this time he muttered: "het eindigde als een natte scheet" , and we humbly had to admit the boy was dead right.
But then came on The Gories man. The show made us Fistful-boys reminisce of the old days, especially of May 13 1992, when the Gories played the Melkweg club in Amsterdam. That same evening Ajax had won the UEFA Cup and the whole of the nearby Leidseplein square was filled with at least 10.000 football-idiots who loudly celebrated their victory over Torino. Just a stone's throw away in The Melkweg the Gories were playing their asses off for not more than 30 spectators. Yes kids, that's the fate of your modern r 'n r - heroes.... Anyway, we always knew about the Greatness of the Gories of course, but this gig in Groningen alone made them just climb up another step higher into the Fistful heaven of all-time favourite bands. And guess what, right at the beginning The Gories played their version of Everything's That's Mine, originally done by nederbeat-stars The Motions, that was cool. Another cool fact was that the resident dj had the good taste of spinning at least THREE Fistful releases!


Posted June 24 2009

Only two more weeks to go to for the veeeeeery long-expected Gories and Oblivians shows in Holland. First it's July 8 in the Vera club in Groningen, and then the Paradiso club in tourist-trapped Amsterdam on July 11. But first it's Apache who returns to Holland to do another couple of gigs, finishing off their extensive Euro-tour. On July 3 they're rocking the Morlock Gallery in The Hague.


Posted April 13 2009

Coming out next week (April 18 2009), not on A Fistful of Records, but on other Utrecht, NL label Excelsior is a compilation cd of early 70s Nederglam!
Fistful Jos and Brit accomplice Robin Wills worked on this thing for some years now, having done all research, compilation and sleevenotes. The cd is entitled "Clap Your Hands and Stamp Your Feet" after Dutch glam's biggest hit record at the time by Bonnie St Claire & Unit Gloria. Other songs included are some totally unknown Glam Rock stompers & crunchers by acts like Booby Trap, The Heavy Dwarfs, Dump, Zingara, Pantherman and Plastic Feet. Among somewhat better known acts like Lemming, Catapult, Left Side and Long Tall Ernie And The Shakers you will discover a multitude of Glam era obscurities here that will blow your socks off and open your mind to some great sounds and beats! With The Netherlands being the main country in continental Europe to boast a Glam Rock scene, a compilation of this stuff was way overdue. The cd contains 24 songs by 23 acts, plus a 52 page full colour booklet crammed with cool pics, plus the incredible stories behind all bands and songs. Also included are reprints of all original sleeves, whether Dutch or foreign.

The cd will be launched at the Utrecht cd and record fair, next saturday April 18th, from about 13 till 15 o'clock. There's gonna be dj's, original Nederglam videos, an exhibition of Nederglam memorablia and recordsleeves, and there's a Smyle reunion gig! Also there will be many ex-glamstars present, like the Catapult guys, the one and only Pantherman, of course Smyle, Lemming singer Wally, some Left Side guys, producer Peter Koelewijn, mr. Pink Elephant Willem van Kooten, the Booby Trap singer and all members of Bonnie st Claire & Unit Gloria, most probably including queen Bonnie herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet" is available in all good Benelux record shops, and can be ordered from the online Excelsior shop, see

Here's the full tracklising:

Booby Trap - Kelly, Grace & Sally
Catapult - Let Your Hair Hang Down
Lemming - Father John
Heart - Lovemaker
Dump - Annabelle
Long Tall Ernie And The Shakers - Motor Man
Amsterdam - Mary Lou
Bonnie St. Claire & Unit Gloria - Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet
The Heavy Dwarfs - Moeder Natuur
Left Side - (like a) Locomotion
Black Fire - Do It
Smyle - She Means A Lot To Me
The Rockets - Rock And Roll Drummer (Part 1)
Plastic Feet - Big Blond Baby
Cardinal Point - The Grand Pretender
Melody - Stepping Stone
BZN - Sweet Silver Anny
Cherrie Vangelder - Smith-Goodbye (Guitarman)
Hank The Knife And The Jets - Guitar King
Zingara - Girl, Girl, Girl
Serpentine - Powerful Jim
Hans van Hemert - Because of the Cats
Pantherman - Pantherman
Bonnie St. Claire & Unit Gloria - The Rock Goes On


Posted February 16 2009

Yep, 2009 is the year of the Ox, and also the year that A Fistful Of Records celebrates its five year anniversary. That means paaaaaaaaaaaaarty!!! So on saturday March 14th we have a totally mad outburst of Fistful mayhem, right at the heart of it all, dB's club in Utrecht, NL. First of all there's gonna be a gig of Cheap Time, starring Jeffrey Novak (who made his debut on Fistful back in 2005), on gtr + vox ! We're also very pleased to welcome our friends Polar Strong from France, who come all the way from Bordeaux driving up to Holland just to be able to play with their heroes of Cheap Time. Arriving on their bikes are locals El Zombie, still going stronger, giggin', boozin' & just zombyin' around.... Flying in from downtown Sheffield, England are The Hipshakes, and guess what, their bass player Andrew is a real 100% Proto Idiot so he's just gonna do a solo gig under that moniker. From Amsterdam we have turbo red-light-district speedking rockerss Anomalys, plus there's a whole bunch of dj's showing up, Pete Slovenly being one of them. Anyway, don't miss it, be there and bring all your ugly friends too! This may well be Holland's garage event of the year..... Other attractions include an exhibition of blow-ups of Fistful and dB's artwork by Joan van der Werf, and a brand new 7 inch from Madison, Whizzconsin' rockerz The Hussy! More about that one soon.


Posted February 2 2009

Coming up in one or two months, not on A Fistful of Records, but on other Dutch label Excelsior Recordings is a compilation cd of early 70s Dutch glamrock!! Fistful Jos worked on this fucker for some years now, doing all research, compilation + sleevenotes. The thing will be called "Clap Your Hands and Stamp Your Feet" after Dutch glam's biggest hit record at the time by Bonnie St Claire & Unit Gloria. Other songs are totally unknown Glam Rock stompers & crunchers by acts like Booby Trap, The Heavy Dwarfs, Dump, Zingara, Pantherman and Plastic Feet! Among somewhat better known acts like Lemming, Catapult, Left Side and Long Tall Ernie And The Shakers you will discover a multitude of Glam era obscurities here that will blow your socks off and open your mind to some great sounds and beats. With The Netherlands being the main country in continental Europe to boast a Glam Rock scene, a compilation of this stuff was way overdue. The cd will contain 24 songs by 23 acts, plus a 52 page full colour booklet crammed with cool pics, plus the incredible stories behind all bands and songs. Also included are reprints of all original sleeves, whether Dutch or foreign.
Buy or die!


Posted October 22 2008

And more news from out Italian friends MOVIE STAR JUNKIES, they have their first full length out. On Voodoo Rhythm no less.
Apparently King Automatic tipped Rev. Beatman about them, and bless the Reverend for his good taste, but faithful followers of the Fistful output should know and love this band for a couple of years now; they're bloody GREAT! Goddammit!
Only these twisted souls could think up a 'concept' LP, and then the 'concept' would be a tribute to no-one else but Herman Melville.
Is that hilarious or what! That's just pure freakin' genius.

They also have a 2 week euro-tour planned in November, check out their myspace-site. Only one show in the Netherlands though: 9 Nov. in Haarlem, Patronaat café.
And it's FREE!


Posted October 16 2008


Posted October 11 2008

Out now on French label Pollymagoo: Original 1981 recordings. 19 song punkreissue LP / anthology by this legendary first all girl Dutch "Utreg punx" band. Gatefold full colour sleeve crammed with photos and other trivia. Informative liner notes by Utreg punk rock historian Jeroen Vedder. And guess what... Fistful Joan has made the cover! Fans of the KILLED BY DEATH bands, KLEENEX / LILIPUT, The PETTICOATS, SLITS...take note! Available wherever you want it.


Posted October 8 2008

Teun van der Graaf is a local hero, okayokay he temporarily moved to Rotterdam but hey, Utrecht needs him! Teun writes his own fanzine called Rock n Roll Poison. Normally this thing appears on paper but now Issue number 5 is out on DVD only! The thing is crammed with live footage and (sometimes hilarious) interviews with King Louie, Jack Oblivian, Stilettos, Ghetto Ways, River City Tanlines and so on. Try to secure a copy, it's a lotta fun and definitely worth your money!


Posted July 21 2008

2nd edition of STUKAH magazine out now!
From the deep deep depths of the Utrecht canal-cellar-system comes this new xeroxed mag, overseen by El Zombie's Erwin. It's crammed with violent comix, abstract insanity, weird scriblings, sci-fi mayhem, poetry etc. How to get hold of a copy? Very easy, just go down the street to the station, take the metro-pantzer, get out at car-bomb-square, there, next to the chop-off-hands-super, you'll find it, just ask the girl for Envar Grolevitch.


Posted July 15 2008

Coming up soon on Fistful; debut 45 by Polar Strong, quatre chansons extraordinaires de cette rockèrs du Bordeaux, France.
If you just cant wait, go check 'em out at YouTube and/or MySpace. More info soon.


Posted July 1 2008

Gonerfest coming up !!
Coming up is event of the year, GONERFEST (5th edition) from September 25-28-2008 in Memphis, Tennessee.
Featuring: some showpiece cultural products from the Fistful stable of artists (haha, just joking) such as CheapTime (with Jeffrey Novak) and Black Time. Plus many more like Sic Alps - Tearjerkers - Crusaders Of Love (France) -Jay Reatard - Dan Melchior - Touch-Me-Nots - The Duchess &The Duke - Ooga Boogas (Australia) - Psychedelic Horseshit - Limes - Box Elders - Earthmen & Strangers- Msr Jeffrey Evans - Mouserocket - Intelligence - TVK - AV Murder - Vivian Girls - Eat Skull - Barbaras - Wizzard Sleeve - Turpentine Brothers - Static Static - Oh-Sees - Cola Freaks (Denmark) and MORE!

Side-events include cook-outs, a ping-pong tournament, dj's, parties and more Memphis hijinks!! And don't forget the Stax Museum, Sun Studio, Graceland and Gonershop!!


Posted June 2 2008

Black Time tour of Italy + new products.

Tuesday 10th June - Tago Mago, Marina di Massa
Wednesday 11th June - Clandestino, Faenza, Ravenna
Thursday 12th June - Sinister Noise, Roma
Friday 13th June - somewhere in Sardinia
Saturday 14th June - somewhere in Sardinia

Wednesday 25th June - God Don't Like It @ Madame JoJos, Soho, London W1
Recorded artefacts on plastic!!
'Hate Songs For Blitzkrieg Boppers' 4 track 7" EP on HATE RECORDS - out now
'ICU + 2' 7" single on SKULLTONES - out soon
'Double Negative' LP/CD on IN THE RED - out summertime

Posted May 7 2008

GRIEFS tour the US of A.

Or as they say:

The Griefs are taking this INstant PArtY MiXture on teh road for a coupla weeks! So scan the list of dates and Pick the town closest to you and mark your calender and wear your sluttiest skirt and (just joking, kinda) come down to teh club and Rock out with us. We'll be bringing records, CDs, and Tshirts if you were wondering. We shall GARAGE your tits off, as they say!
May 9 2008 CARABAR Columbus, Ohio
May 10 2008 the courtyard cafe Cincinnati (downtown, ), Ohio
May 12 2008 The Basement Nashville
May 13 2008 JJ's Bohemia Chatanooga, Tennessee
May 14 2008 Star Bar Atlanta, Georgia
May 15 2008 Broadway's Asheville, North Carolina
May 16 2008 The Flat Iron Greensboro, North Carolina
May 17 2008 The Boot Norfolk, Virginia
May 18 2008 Talking Head Club Baltimore
May 19 2008 OFF somewhere btween baltimore & philly, Maryland
May 20 2008 Tritone Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
May 21 2008 Don Pedro Brooklyn/Williamsburg - South Side, New York
May 22 2008 Cafe Nine New Haven, Connecticut
May 23 2008 OFF Driving, ALLENTOWN, Pennsylvania
May 24 2008 The UNION Athens, Ohio

Posted April 20 2008

Digger is cummin !

Them australian sluts Digger & The Pussycats are gonna treat us euro-trashers once again with their in-you-face-high-action-packed-non-stop world-slut-show. Here are the dates for the remainder of their new euro-tour: Those who know 'em will no doubt return to the scene of the crime. And those who never checked them out before; shame on you !

Posted April 4 2008

FRIDAY 4 APRIL @ DBs in Utrecht

PARKA (Utrecht)

Originally meant as the presentation of the new Fistful-7inch (nr. 013) by:
the Forbidden Tigers.

The 7inch "Glimpse of a Ghost" is ready, and it's really really good: hot & steaming! And for sale at the show.

Unfortunately the Tigers couldn't make it but 3/4 of them also play in Brimstone Howl so that's almost as good as the real deal!
Brimstone Howl have been Fistful-favourites for quite some time now, so we're happy anyways.
Support-act is local modpunk/garage band Parka.

And your loyal and faithful Fistful-crew will man the decks.
So come on over, if you're around.

Posted March 3 2008

Good news: a new Fistful 7 inch is about to arise!
And it's one by............................ THE FORBIDDEN TIGERS, from Grand Island, Nebraska.
Bad news, for us in the Old Country, is that the coinciding tour with Brimstone Howl had to be cancelled, due to things beyond their control.
Brimstone Howl is still coming, and we're looking forward to that, see the Kiss and Run-site for dates.
4 april in Utrecht.
More news coming soon.
And another date for (local) agenda's, 23 march in dB's: EL ZOMBIE and EARTHIEVES(CZ).


Posted 25 nov 2006

The Fistful team has a new boy on board, especially for ICT-related matters. It's 22 year old Frankie Peek (a.k.a. Frankie Teardrop), the guy who just found out that his 6-year old daughter secretly plays his Cramps cd's, everytime he goes out of the door to do the shoppings...

Posted 20 nov 2006

New year's eve gonna be something really special this year, as the Hipshakes are gonna play db's!! Last year's new year fest was already a blast there, with people throwing up in all corners, loads of coats and wallets being lost in the end, which sparked a lot of aggro among confused drunk idiots, YEP!! we liked that!! Normally new year's eve is a pain in the arse as we don't know fuck what to do hours before, but now we already know months before! So be there all you low-landers!

Posted 15 nov 2006

El Zombie singer/gitarist Erwin Grolleman has a debut anti-art exhibition of murals in Moira Art Gallery in Utrecht. Being a self-educated bastard, Erwin did the inlay sleeve artwork for El Zombie's 'Amongst Nobodies' all by himself, so that should give you a good picture... Moira is situated at Wolvenstraat 10. The exhibition is from nov 26th till dec 17th. (see scan)

Posted 10 nov 2006

Having just impressed us Northern Euro-trashers with some devastating energetic shows, them inner city Turino farmer boys Movie Star Junkies are already back in town with another shot at garage stardom with new band Wyldstyle. They're currently looking for gigs anywhere on the planet, so if you know a nice seedy bar or if you wanna party 'cos your parents have just gone off for holidays, just write to, and I'm sure they'll show up just 10 minutes before schedule, just like they recently did at their Utrecht gig!!